Why Travolier?

Intuitive: Discover an intuitive platform and a simple three-step booking system – search, select, book.

Unmatched Prices: Travolier takes intermediaries – and their high fees – out of the picture, maximizing profitability for hotel owners and offering travelers unmatched prices.

Millions of Memories: With countless features, a local Experience Ambassador and a growing network of hotels and high-end vacation rentals to choose from, Hotelier Mart moves away from the current “heads and beds” model to focus on personalization and experience.

Synchronized: Hotel owners, travelers and operators are finally synchronized through a complete platform designed to simplify transactions and protect the interests of all parties.

Vetted: All platform users are carefully vetted, but we don’t stop there. Hotel photos and reviews are also verified. No more uncertainty or false reviews to inflate or hurt reputations.

Competition: For the first time, Travolier gives small and medium-sized hotels access to a platform where they can finally compete.

Purpose: Travolier is much more than an innovative hotel booking platform. It is the legacy of a diverse team of experts and award-winning partners who believe in a different future for the hospitality industry.

The Team: Building a Legacy Together

Rana Mukherji, Founder & CEO

Rana has been managing, operating and running luxury hotels across the Middle East, India, North America, Kenya & South Africa for nearly 20 years. He has worked with some of the leading brands in the industry, including Marriott, Regent International, and Fairmont Raffles Hotels International. Most recently, Rana served as the General Manager Hospitality for IFA Hotel Investments and spearheaded a Bespoke Hotels Middle East & Africa joint venture.

Christoph Ganster, Chief Hospitality Officer

Christoph Ganster is a luxury hospitality industry veteran with over 25 years’ experience who has worked in senior management positions for some of the top luxury hospitality brands across the Maldives, Mauritius, Switzerland, the United States and Germany.

Christoph has served as Managing Director of Laucala Island, Fiji, and worked with FHRI Hotels & Resorts for over a decade, serving as General Manager at Raffles Seychelles, Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv, Ukraine and Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers Cairo, Egypt. Christoph is also an active member of the board of the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

John Bardis Chief, Strategist - Technology

Experienced technology executive, start-up consultant, Product manager, and entrepreneur. John Bardis holds an MBA with a focus on IT Management from the Florida Institute of Technology, is highly skilled in server architecture, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, ITIL, Agile methodologies, digital marketing and, above all, in making ideas a reality. Experienced technology executive, start-up consultant, and entrepreneur.

Ravi Raj Singhail, VP Technology

Ravi Raj Singhail is a Blockchain & ICO Advisor and Co-founder of Plebiscite IT Services Pvt Ltd. He loves to code and is an ex-IBM

Our Mission and Vision

We are not just disrupting the industry or challenging its biggest problems, we are building a legacy. With core partnerships, revolutionary technology and a diverse team of experts, we will empower small operators, rethink the entire industry infrastructure and innovate as we build a synchronized hospitality community of service providers, hospitality vendors and tech solutions unlike any other.

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