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Become a Local Chef

Get Paid to Cook Family Dinners in Your Area

Would you love to cook for a living, but don't want to deal with the headache of working in hectic restaurant kitchens? Now you can work as a private chef in your area and get paid a premium to cook personal family dinners. Just like with AirBnB and Uber, you choose a work schedule that suits you! Work however much you want, whenever you want. Register today to join the program and earn a lucrative living as a private, executive chef.

(Registration Open: Get Paid to Cook in Your Area)

For Travelers

Order In: Hire a Private Chef to Provide Home Cooking

Don't have the energy to cook, but craving a fresh home-cooked meal? Now you can have the comforts of home-cooked food while you’re traveling. Just order a meal of your choice, and we'll connect you to a local certified chef who will handle the rest. Think of it as having your very own personal chef on call that is ready to prepare all of your favorite dishes, whatever they may be. You can provide the ingredients yourself or we can provide them for you. Ordering in has never tasted so good.

(Coming Soon: Hire a Local Chef to Cook for You)

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