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Get Paid to Guide Visitors Around Your City

Do you have an intimate knowledge of the layout and history of your beautiful city? Now you can work as a City Host to help guide tourists toward the must-see places that make your home unique. Choose working hours that suit you and earn money providing a valuable service that only requires your extensive knowledge of the local area.

(Registration Open: Get Paid to Safely Guide People Around Your City)

For Travelers

Hire a City Host to Guide You: Get Where You Need to Go

Are you a little daunted at the prospect of finding your way around a new city? We provide an opportunity for you to hire an individual who knows all about the area where you are staying. Learn how to take in the sights of the city without the fear of becoming lost by hiring an Uber-certified City Host to guide your way.

(Coming Soon: Hire a City Host to Act as Your Guide)

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