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Book Hotel and instantly earn Upto 4% in HotelierCoin



Pay with HotelierCoin for Future Travel or Give as a Gift to Family or Friend

Introducing TRAVOLIER Gold Book Hotels, instantly earn Upto 8% in HotelierCoin Access to Wholesale Rates USD 50 Travel Voucher – No Blackout Days

Membership Fees USD 100 / Year Spend more than USD 5,000 / Year, Following the year Membership is FREE + USD 50 Travel Voucher

How it works
Earn HotelierCoins when you book flights, hotels, and packages.
What are HotelierCoin?

One travel reward currency is covering the entire travel ecosystem that can be traded or monetized or simple due Peer to Peer transfer. Now travelers can choose to stay in any hotel, vacation home, rent a car, or book airline tickets they can earn Hoteliercoins. HotelierCoin is ERC 20 Tokens in Etherum Blockchain, which never expires with smart contract managed emission.

How much you'll earn in HotelierCoin

Earn 2%

On flights, car rental and packages

Book a $500 flight or package, get $10 HotelierCoins

Earn Up to 4%

On hotels; chose you Hotels as per HotelierCoin-back %

Book a $500 hotel, get $20 HotelierCoin

Upto 8%

For Gold Members only
On hotels; chose you Hotels as per HotelierCoin-back %

Book a $500 hotel, get $40 HotelierCoin

Cash in HotelierCoin to save on 500,000+ hotels, 100,000 Vacation Homes, & 700+ Airlines.
$1.2 HotelierCoin = $1.2 off your hotel stay

HotelierCoins never expires, we are your lifetime travel partner.

Stay more nights, unlock more Ultimate Stays
Book Hotels, instantly earn Upto 10% in Hotelier Coin
Access to Wholesale Rates
USD 50 Travel Voucher – No Blackout Days
Dedicate Travel Concierge Support To Curate Your Travel
Airport Lounge & Golf Club Access
Upgrades, Sport Event Tickets & Much More
Membership Fees USD 250 / Year
Spend more than USD 10,000 / Year, Following the year Membership, is ULTIMATE + USD 100 Travel Voucher
*Ultimate Status can only be earned after spending USD 10,000/ year, can’t be just bought


Join today at no cost, to gain access to the best hotel pricing online.

Dear Travolier Members,

Thank you for your choosing us as your travel partner.

We reward your loyalty regardless of where you decide to stay. You can even earn HotelierCoin while booking flights, car rentals and various leisure activities.

We created our loyalty program to be tailored to you — which is why your hoteliercoin can be traded or monetized whenever you choose. Unlike with loyalty points, the valuation isn't set by a brand, but is determined by tokenomics and managed by smart contracts.

Our goal is to create a holistic hospitality & travel platform that benefits everyone, from travelers to hotel owners and vendors. With hoteliercoin, our mission is to give power back to the people & businesses that fuel the hospitality industry with a transparent, secure ecosystem that benefits everyone.

Welcome to the future of travel and loyalty!

Rana Mukherji
Rana Mukherji

Rana Mukherji - CEO & Founder

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